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About Me

I’m known for my open-hearted, friendly, informal style.  Clients new to therapy often comment that they expected to mostly cry (OK…there are some tears) and they’re pleasantly surprised at how much laughter makes its way into our sessions.  I believe shared laughter contributes to healing.  Plus, it’s energizing and soothing to the soul!

I graduated with a Bachelor of Science (Psychology) from University of Toronto in 1994, and completed my Master of Social Work (MSW) degree at Wilfred Laurier University in 1997.  Prior to my career life as a therapist, I was a shopping centre manager and a radio copywriter!  I know…big shift. 


I carry a busy practice, and I am also a writer.  I’ve been a counsellor columnist for a quarterly self-help journal and now work on articles to share with my clients and post articles online.  A big project that’s got me very excited is writing a book about subconscious trauma.  I’m an enthusiastic reader and often include “bibliotherapy” with my clients.


I grew up in Manitoba and have been in the Toronto area for over 30 years.  A fun fact:  I have dual citizenship, Canada and St. Lucia in the Caribbean!  I know…how does a Prairie Girl end up in the Tropics?


At home and at work, I love being surrounded by colour, books, stones, candles, and plants.  I’m a passionate gardener. 

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